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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
Ed's Place - Fri Sep 25, 2009 @ 07:25AM
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Violence in the home can occur anywhere and is not limited to woman. Domestic violence can affect both man, children and the elderly whom live with an individual who is violent and abusive.

Any time anyone physically or mentally abuses an individual that individual needs to begin a path toward removing his or herself from this situation with an urgency. Most professionals agree that most abusers will continue to abuse once they have started if they do not get help.

You are worthy of all that the world has to give you. You are worthy of love, respect and compassion and no one has a right to treat you or give you any less than that. If you are in an abusive relationship, leave. If you do not know how or you are afraid to do so, seek help.

Below are some resources that you can go to for help. We at Ed's Place ask that you do so immediately. We believe in you, love you and know that you are worthy and we look forward to the greatness you have to bring the world we all share. You do not have to live in fear. You do not have to be abused. You do not deserve to be hurt. You have the power to seek help.

Click on the links below to find resources that can help you transition to independent living away from abuse:

Listing of Crisis information numbers for all abuse (Domestic, sexual, rape, incest, runaways, elder etc...

National Domestic Violence

Child Welfare Information Gateway


Go to edsplacetoo.com for additional information or you can contact us at edsplacetoo@live.com




Comments: 7


1. Marcy L.   |   Thu Mar 11, 2010 @ 03:38PM

Coming from an abusive home and several abusive relationship I had to learn to ask for help. May I just add that prayer is also a savior. Nice blog, very informative and helpful. Thanks

2. Mercy T.   |   Tue Oct 26, 2010 @ 03:20AM

I went through a very abusive relationship and got out only after the man was killed violently. I just want to say that no one out there deserves to be hit, but everyone deserves to be loved.

I love yall. This post made me cry. Author who ever you are, you need to advertise yourself and really take this further, your can touch so many with just your words. They are encouraging, helpful and allow those who heads may be hung low to raise them in hope.

Just my opinion but you should think about it. whoever you are.

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