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Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow
ED'S PLACE - Wed Feb 22, 2012 @ 06:52AM
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So many times I have put things I wanted to do for myself aside and said maybe I'll get to it tomorrow and tomorrow never seem to have come.  I found myself so busy just trying to keep up with all my daily obligations that I never had that moment to devote to me and I  found myself not being able to catch up to my own self, my own life. 

I decided to slow myself down and take time to watch a sunrise and sunset and this simple task was so amazing. 

I next decided to go to the beach and enjoy the water and the coolness of the ocean breeze and as I watched each wave crash against the rocks I found myself closer and closer to inner peace, this feeling was incredible. 

Finally, I decided to take a long drive by myself in the Valley with no radio playing and what I found was that my thoughts took me to such a beautiful place of joy.  I thought about my father who had past ten years ago and how I had been so busy I had not even had the time to enjoy my memories of him.  I thought about my goals which I had set many years ago and how many of them I had actually achieved, which made me smile.

I thought about my future plans and than without even realizing it I just didn't think anymore.  I enjoyed the beauty of the Valley, the vineyards, the mountains, the blue sky, the fresh air that blew through my open window and most of all I enjoyed me.

I than decided not to allow my duties as a productive human being to overcome my duties to love myself anymore, that I would take a few moments everyday and devote it to me.  I begin to set aside ME TIME every day for two hours and spend it doing something nice for myself and doing something I wanted to do.

"TWO HOURS," you say.  

Yes, two hours.  

You see, I realized that if I can give eight hours a day to a job that earns some other human being millions, no billions of dollars a year without a second thought, I could give myself two hours each day.

We at Ed's Place, challenge you to love yourself, get in touch with what brings you inner peace and embrace it.  Slow down and smell the flowers, enjoy the amazement of a tree, observe the freedom of a bird soaring.  Get in touch with your mind, body and spirit and love yourself every day. 

We challenge you to put aside your stress for two hours a day and just find joy in what makes you happy and don't feel guilty or like you are cheating the world out of anything.   REMEMBER,  YOU DESERVE EVERY SECOND, MINUTE AND HOUR that you set aside for yourself.  You are so worthy of this. 

Don't wait until tomorrow, because in reality, tomorrow never comes.   

Comments: 10

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