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Ed's Place/www.edsplacetoo.com - Fri Oct 09, 2009 @ 03:41AM
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It is important to know what is going on in the area where you live along with what is going on in the world. Get familiar with the political structure in your area first and know who your local representatives are and the agenda in which they gear toward. In the United States the President is Barack Obama and each state has its own Governor and within each state most cities have a mayor and city council. Take a moment to get to know who represents you in your area and what programs they support. Next pick up a newspaper and read beyond the sensational news on the front page and see what is offered in the area in which you live and in other areas around the world.

Did you know that today many newspapers throughout the world are found on-line and you do not have to go to a newstand if you have access to the internet. Try performing a Google, ASK or network search on the area in the world that you are interested in learning about and enjoy reading about not only the politics of the area but what the people in the area are doing. Expand your mind, think outside of the box, explore and enjoy. Did you know that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama. Click on the link below to hear why the Nobel committee felt he was worthy of this prestigious award. Click here to learn more about the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here are some other news throughout the world that you may want to read about. Don't make you world limited to your area, reach out beyond your comfort zone, explore, learn and share with others what you find out. Remember "The world is in your hands."

Ed's Place/www.edsplacetoo.com

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Comments: 2


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