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Don't Just Start A Task.

Don't Just Start A Task.
Ed's Place/www.edsplacetoo.com - Sat Jan 30, 2010 @ 05:11AM
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Following up and completing task that you start is very important.  If you begin to apply for a job by submitting an application take the next step and send out a simple note to the employer letting them know how interested you are in being a part of their company.  If you decide you want to go to school and take the time to start looking into schools in your area, take the next step and apply for the school and go see a counselor at the school you are interested in.  If you decide that or you are thinking you may need help for a personal problem, addiction or other matters that you are overwhelmed with, seek that help through counseling or outreach programs offered in your area. Be sure to provide supporting documents to anyone who requests them once you apply for services of any kind.  For instance if you apply for a scholarship and they ask for transcripts, essays or reference letters be sure to get the information to them in a timely manner so that you will not be disqualified.

What we are saying to you is that you cannot just start the transitioning process to independent and productive living but you have to follow up and complete the process of any task you start in order to be successful.   Success comes with believing in yourself, setting goals, pursuing your goals and obtaining the desired outcome you are looking for.  No one can do these things for you and you have to be diligent in your quest to live a complete and successful life.  Remember a successful life is what you believe it is so don’t compare yourself to anyone, just look into your own soul and discover what self-satisfaction is to you and strive to obtain that self-satisfaction.  Independent living requires that you be able to sustain yourself in your society.  That means you must be able to provide yourself with food, shelter, medical care, entertainment and any other needs you may have.  Set goals that will get you to that place in your life where you can fulfill all these needs, don’t forget to follow up and complete task you begin so that you will never have to say to yourself that “I should of, could of or would of.”  Remember we at Ed’s Place believe in you and look forward to all that you have to offer society.  So get out there, do and pursue and "Don't just start a task, complete it."

Ed's Place/edsplacetoo.com


Comments: 2


1. Rebecca   |   Tue Oct 19, 2010 @ 04:00PM

I had my son sit and read this and he hung his head after he finished. You are on point Ed's Place.

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