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Have you asked yourself this question? Are you trying to decide which way is the right way. Well you need to know that the right way is what you choose to do and what path you want to set forth in your life.

Statistics have shown that the more education an individual has the more likely hood that they will earn two to three times more during their working career than if they did not obtain education.

This though is not always true. There are many people who found a job and made careers out of it and did quite well in life or started their own business and found great success.

Bill Gates is one of the extraordinary individuals who was very intelligent and broke away from a computer company to start a business and was extremely successful. Numerous entertainers like 50 cent had hard lives and talent and used their talent to turn hard lives into good lives by believing in themselves and pursuing their goals nonstop. Famous Amos went to a food trade school and knew how to make cookies and used that skill to make millions of dollars and you will find hundreds and even thousands of stories like this throughout the country of people who found their niche, their dreams and reached the highest of highest goals.

Now it is you turn. We can't tell you what to do but we can tell you that you should get to it and begin researching paths that will take you to success. Google any career you are interested in and see the vast information Google will offer you. Set yourself some goals so that you will have direction and dream big so that you will reach for the stars.

Remember we at Ed's Place believe in you and know that you are worthy.