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Identify Yourself

Documents you should have and keep


As an adult you have to be able to identify yourself. The next step is to ensure that you have all the legal documents you will need to prove you are you to anyone who ask. When you open a bank account, apply for an apartment, apply for credit, apply for school, and apply for utility services and numerous other resources as an adult you will need to have important documents to identify yourself.

It is always safe to have all that you need on hand and never have to wait to order or obtain documents that identify who you are. Get yourself a file folder or a safe box to put your documents in and keep them handy for when you need them as you transition.

Once you are established you will probably only need your state Identification Card (I.D.) or driver’s license but in the beginning you may need more.

Below are the documents you should secure and some links that may help you obtain them. So get to work and get your documents in order so you can begin your transition smoothly and successfully. Again we encourage you to sign up for an E-Mentor that can help you work your way through this process if you have any questions. Click on this link E-Mentor and we will assign someone to you who can assist you if you have any questions as you work your way through the modules or while you are transitioning.

OBTAIN YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Click on the link below to find out how to obtain a birth certificate in your state.


OBTAIN YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: Click on link below and complete Form SS-5-FS


You can either mail your application in to or take it to any Social Security office. Click on the link below enter you zip code to find your local Social Security Office to mail or personally take your application. Do not forget copies of your supporting documentation if you are mailing it in (Birth certificate, Driver’s License, Passport etc...)


OBTAIN YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE OR ID: (If you have never gotten a license call the office before going to see what documentation you will need. Many require you have your birth certificate and some form of picture id)