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Finding your niche

Finding a job is a must when you are beginning the process of transitioning to independent living. Click here to find helpful websites after you read this module. Employment should not only fulfill your need to obtain money to supply goods and services you will need to sustain life but it should be pleasurable and give you a sense of purpose. There is nothing worst than going to a job that you are miserable at and you just hate to be there. You should at least like your job even if you don't love it.

Here are a few more hints on finding a job you like or love.

Evaluate your interest.

Think about the things that you enjoy doing and find satisfaction in.

Do you like to write, read, travel, do you enjoy math or the sciences? What subjects did you do well and excel in at school?

All these questions once answered can help you decide what type of job would best fit you.

Now grab yourself a pen and paper and jot down the things you enjoy doing, the things you do best, subjects you are the strongest in and of course your dream job.

Once you have done this, start to research on careers and jobs that can cater to your needs and remember as always if you have any questions or need additional help go to "Diamond Help," or click on "Find An E-Mentor," who will work with you one-on-one as you transition.