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Nelly's Corner

Fashion, News And Food For The Soul

Welcome all my people to my spot “Nelly’s Corner” Come in and indulge on my soul food, lets talk about relationship, how to make money, whats going down, who you should be looking out for and what is the hottest fashion today.



Classy, Sexy, Grown 90's style


Bored with Today's Fashion, tired of the trashy not classy look?

What happen to looks of the 90's?That's right I said the 90's.

Is it just me or is today's fashion designed by Matel? It just seems like everyone is walking around looking like Barbie or Barbie wannabee or maybe one of her friends?.

I say take a chance go ahead and look in your closet and pull out the old stuff.  Raid your mom and dad's closet.  The 1970's, 80's and 90's clothes can mix and match with today's fashions and give you your own look.

Don't be afraid, go to a Vintage store and check out the cool clothes from the past or if you are on a tight budget go to a thrift store or even an estate or garage sale and check out the treasures that someone else is given away. Match your finds from these places with what you saw at a Vintage store. I love to mix and match and it never fails that someone wants to know not where I got my today's fashion clothes but where I found something from the past that I am wearing.

Here is the classic, "little black dress," Vintage Style, from the 1940's. How awesome is this and it speaks for its self.

black dress

To see this dress and other Vintage clothing go to Posh Girl Vintage.

Explore the past and start looking for the look that says, "ME," and don't be afraid to be different because you are. Have fun with fashion and find what looks good on you, fits and compliments your body type and makes you feel beautiful.



Check out this great Vintage dress from the 1960's. Pair this up with a great pair of boots, modest accessories and an upbeat hair style to show off the great collar and ruffles it adorns and you will be a one of a kind diva marching to your own fashion band.

vintage dress

To see more vintage clothing ideas like this dress go to Vintage-a-peel

kate hudson

Above Kate Hudson plays with the gangster era of the 1920's and 30's. She looks comfortable, edgy and fun and she stands out from the norm big time. You don't have to be a star to be daring and look good.

Below India Arie has a beautiful ethnic look which she embraces. Rather casual or formal she looks comfortable in what she wears and it says, "I AM ME." Her dyed denim dress is from back in the day but it looks hot. Great sites like Nomadsclothing offer beautiful ethnic clothes which are comfortable, trendy and ready for work and play and can give you that individual look like India Irie has.



Search the internet and use key words to the style of clothing you like and see all the sites which offer beautiful clothing in a variety of price range. Think outside the box and find the style that says, "ME," and If you have an individual look or you know someone who does e-mail edsplace@live.com put Nelly's Corner in the subject line and attach pictures of you or someone special in your life who has style. We love to celebrate individual styles with others and I would love to feature you in my style section.




I live by this statement "Don't make him a priority when he only makes you an option".

How do I know if I am a priority in His life?

If your asking this question, than the man in your life is not doing his job of showing you, how important you are in his life.

Unfortunately often times men are good at showing us how much they need us "baby can you pick me up some socks", "Boo I'm sick can you make me something to eat, "Sweety can you come keep me company".

We see that we are needed but are we NEEDED. Being a priority in a mans life, is being that important person next to his mama, children or whom ever else he keeps dear.

If your man seems to always be up under you when he needs you, when he is falling short but is no where to be found when your down on your luck than your an option.

If he disappears for days and reappear and this is his on going behavior, your an option.

To be his priority it means he thinks of your needs, he thinks of your wants, he thinks of you.





Example Image Inside A Column

I'm giving the best tip I can give to anyone about getting your money on! Stop spending it on clothes, hair and electronics, start investing it into something useful like education, a business venture, training, or a purchasing a home.

Right now our economy is in a struggle, to most this time is depressing, but you can still find yourself blessed even in this trying time.

First time home buyers are at an advantage right now, if you are buying a home for the first time, start doing your research and find a good Realtor who can educate you on the market, buying a home is one of the greatest investment and can offer great security when you are older. Talk to someone and see how close you are to being eligible to buy a home and if you are not eligible at this time see what you need to do to get in the position to purchase one. Dream big and set big goals. We believe in you.